Monday, August 24, 2009

Gathering of SRC Alumni 1971 Batch

Aug 24, 2009 by Richard Ng

Seated from left: Tai Lai Meng, Chan Choy Keat, Jasmine, Ching Mee Lin, Tan Mee Lan, and Goh Ooi Lin. Standing from left: Chan Hong Kuan, Leong Seng Tong, Leong Keng Yip and Richard Ng

After more than 25 years, today must be our most happiest moment meeting our friends. 10 of us had a get together at Choy Sin Restaurant in Ipoh Garden, opposite Maybank from 7.30pm until 10,30pm.

Of course we have lots of things to share and to catch up with our lost times. We have good laughs and good talks. The event was organized by Leong Keng Yip and Ching Mee Lin. We are actually a group of SRC students since remove class in 1971 until 1976. Some have left after SPM and some stayed back to do form 6.

We are now planning for another gathering next month. Those who are keen to join in can write to me at